Oct 7, 2008

Watching the Debate, Obama-McCain (round 2)

As long as McCain says the system is broken and the economy is bad, and keeps insisting he's for change, he is losing more and more ground. He's finished. By the way, this format of "town hall meeting" favors Obama. BO looks presidential, and confident. He knows his facts, and I think that's what the nation is looking for nowadays. Enough of the empty slogans, vague & undefined ideals. It's time we have someone who understands what's going on and understands the lives of ordinary people.

Mac hasn't done anything to reverse the trend, the movement towards Obama. I thought he needed to take more chances to undermine BO's momentum. Obviously his campaign thinks that going negative with silly associations, like BO is a "friend of terrorists"! I mean, really, com'on now.

Outside of the electoral politics Americans, perhaps, will realize that there's no free lunch--unless you get someone else to pay for it--and that those who run up the debt by charging our national credit card get most of the benefits and share none of the pain. Americans have to realize that elections have consequences! It's not about having a beer with a cool dude who has a ranch! We should elect leaders who can tell us the truth, because we want the truth and we can handle it.

And, let's try to be more sophisticated. Slapping a magnetic sticker on our cars does not translate into actually supporting the troops. "Let's not raise taxes on anyone," McCain just said. I say, why not? I support a progressive taxation: contributions to the commonwealth according to the ability to pay! Speaking of the troops, those who actually enlist, fight, and sacrifice life & limp are those of the middle & lower economic classes. And, who gets the no-bid (often unsupervised) federal contracts?

Bush asked us to help by going shopping! Don't look over there folks while there's a transfer of wealth during a war that was described as must-do. ...

I have to rescind my promise to have a drink every time "my friends" is uttered. If I continue, I'll fall off the table.... I should have picked, "maverick."... After all, it's only Tuesday night!


32 said...

Darn, I ain't playing the drinking game again. It all started with Bush and his "axis of evil"...

My friends I won't have any spirits until my spirit recovers after the election.

Anonymous said...

I ain't playing no more either. I wasn't drinking, but I was slapping my head every time McCain repeated his drivel and nonsense.