Oct 17, 2004

Voters Confuse Issues And Candidates

OK, I wouldn't expect the average Joe/Jane to know all the details about the candidates' stance on issues, but, come on, if this latest study/poll done by the Middle Tennessee State University http://www.mtsusurveygroup.org/mtpoll-/f2004/MTSUPoll_Election_Report.htm is accurate, then I think it's a waste of time to try to inform these people. Read the whole report. You'll be amazed!

I suppose these are the ones who can't make up their minds, don't see big differences between Bush and Kerry, and can go back and forth depending on impressions--yeah, this guy looked better on TV!

In this poll, people were asked about the positions of the two candidates on important issues central to the campaign, like taxing the rich and school vouchers. It's a shame that people will vote for Bush because they believe that he'll tax the rich (we won't), or vote for Kerry because they want vouchers for religious schools (he isn't in favor of).

I suspect that similar results would ensue in other states too. I don't mind if people exercise their preferences, but, please, know what you're voting for!

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