Oct 18, 2004

Vote For Bush You Have No Choice

I know this isn't exactly news, but in light of the Florida electoral experience I thought you might want to vote in Florida, electronically anyway. Click on this link http://wearabledissent.com/101-/floridaballot.html and exercise your vote.

Oh, don't worry, the people who have set up the machines re-assured the public that there won't be any problems--like there never have been any problems with computers. It is always a "human error". Therefore, no need for a paper trail. We don't need no receipt. Funny thing, during an actual election were 300 people voted using those computerized ballots (with no paper receipt of votes cast), some 50 people decided to go into the voting booth but decided not to vote! At least, that was the explanation given by the "experts"! Anyone wants to buy a bridge?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha! The early voting in Florida was a chance for the voters to be turned away earlier!