Oct 24, 2004

The Progressive Forces Will Win! (Hopefully)

A few days before this extremely critical election, amidst the conflicting polls, the conflicted people, and the media's infatuation with the "horse-race" aspect--but not with the substance of the issues--I've seen the light! No, God doesn't speak to me as He apparently speaks (with conflicting remarks) to Bush, Pat, Jerry, and all the lucky ones with a direct connection. I'm a mere human, who is looking at the numbers and examines the electoral trends. I do understand that there's a big segment of the population that is socially conservative and politically vote for the GOP, but this election will judge our ..judgment as a country. With all the incompetence of this administration and the wrong choices, I can't see why the majority of Americans will continue to support a government that doesn't deserve it.

And, there will be no excuses if we give the keys to the White House, again, because our country is not at peace with prosperity as president Clinton left it for us. We will own the future failings of another Bush presidency. This man and his cohorts are not to be trusted! I fear that more and greater disasters will follow if he gets a second term. He's pompous and ignorant and will harm America's interests without being restrained by another election or Congress (controlled by the Repubs). But, this won't happen, as Kerry will win.

I'm planning to have a short election night on Tuesday, November 2nd, and start the party early. Results will show Kerry winning big, anywhere from 294 to 311 and upwards in the electoral vote count. Needless to say, I believe that Bush will be RE-DEFEATED again in 2004, but by such a margin that Scalia and the Supremes won't be able to help him steal this election again. Is this wishful thinking? It is to some extend, because there's going to be a close call. Hopefully all the votes will be counted accurately and we won't have a repeat of 2004.

As for the road ahead, it's promising, that is, if we remain vigilant and don't go back to our villages after the election. The new Kerry administration will need our support, because I see another war (like the relentless and stupid attacks on Clinton) from the cons and neo-cons. Conspiracy theorists get ready! We, in the reality-based community, must also make sure that Kerry keeps his promises and advances the progressive politics. The United States must move FORWARD! The GOP will have enough power in the Congress to cause lots of problems.

I'm in Ohio to pound the pavement and ..whatever else comes between us and winning that state. VOTE, goddamit! It'll come down to this state, so there's not much time to waste or be complacent.


Anonymous said...

I think you're overly optimistic, or, maybe, I have no confidence in the "system" to make sure that every vote counts, people are not struck from the vote rolls erroneously, and that no one is turned away from the polling places.

Even the Supreme Court can't safeguard us in this case. Otherwise, it would order the COMPLETE recount of the Florida vote (there was plenty of time to do this; other countries count ALL the ballots by hand and are able to do so in a timely fashion). Besides, the matter was a STATE issue, and the Florida Supreme Court should have had the last say.

Bush can complain all he wants about the "activist judges" but he's president today BECAUSE of such activism!

Anonymous said...

Gee man, I hope you're right. The polls today show Shrub ahead of Kerry. I'm bitting my nails, not that any are left.

How do you arrive at your conclusions when all the polls indicate that it's so close?

One week to go. I hope I can sleep some until then...

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

Are you counting on all the young people with only cell phones that have not been part of the polls? Or, on the more new voters the Democrats have registered in key states?

Jane S.

Anonymous said...

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but voting has already started in Nevada, a state that Bush was supposed to carry. Several polls, the most recent the Zogby, are giving Bush the state by a few points.

But, guess what... Kerry is ahead today by 7,000 votes out of over 200,000 cast already (Tuesday). I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Las Vegas