Oct 30, 2004

Happy Halloween. It's Really Scary!

The Ghouls Have Had Their Run.
Everyone wants to be safe, but the question is to what extend should we go giving the government powers to keep us safe? Anything it needs, you say? Think again. Suppose someone just told you that the government has a plan to keep you absolutely safe. Would you readily accept this?

It can put you in jail and keep you there for as long as it deems necessary, you can't contact anyone, and once you give your government this power, with no jucidical review by the way, then we are not talking about our beloved America--the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Do you think this is not happening here? You're wrong then. Which brings us to another important issue being decided in this election: safeguarding our civil liberties! The authors of the Patriot Act want to increase its power in order to keep us safe. Of course, safety with a price of an unfree society is not worth it, not to any liberal, any person who believes that this life is a journey of examination, with responsibility but with freedom to pursue his own happiness.

Check this article by Dan Kennedy http://www.bostonphoenix.com/boston/-news_features/dont_quote_me/-multi-page/documents/04224668.asp on how the Bush administration has presided over the implementation of the Patriot act and an unprecedented rise in government secrecy and a severe attack on our civil liberties. It is scary indeed. Even if think that you haven't been affected, think again. And, when they come for you, who's is going to defend your rights, especially when the FBI tells you that you cannot tell anyone about their visit upon you?

Let's make sure they only have a few months of sitting duck time left. Get out, vote, and give those ghouls their proper "treat".

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