Nov 2, 2004


Often, As In Getting Your Friends & Family To Vote Too!

I just wanted to keep you updated with news from the "front lines", more specifically, Cleveland, Ohio, where things are hot but looking very good for Kerry. I got the chance to observe the campaign up close, and to go to the Election Eve Rally in downtown Cleveland, where the crowds were delirious for Kerry. Yet, most importantly, I've seen such enthusiasm in the Buckeye state that is unprecedented, at least in recent memory. Four years ago, Al Gore pulled out in mid October, and the state went to Bush. This year we're taking it back.

I've seen people from far away states and even Canada converging here to volunteer for the Kerry campaign. This commitment to ged rid of the neo-cons and turn the country around is intensively strong. As of now, early on election day, there are signs of a massive turnout of voters, many of whom are "new" voters. The mobilization is amazing too, and this time every voting place is being monitored by Voting Rights teams, lawyers, and other people who are going to make sure that our vote will count! This is grass-roots effort and being smart about it too.

Now, take pride in your activism and joy in the fact that this time your efforts will be rewards with a win of the progressive forces. Let me give you da facts why this is a done deal.

No incumbent president has ever won re-election with such low numbers (and I won't go into details here--they readily available) on Wrong/Right direction of the country, consumer confidence, polling under 50%, economy, etc. Also, (a fun factoid) when the Redskins lose the Sunday before the election, the incumbent loses too! Ohio has voted for the winner all but 2 times (last time Ohio got it wrong was way back), and no Republican has won without Ohio!

Boy, I can't wait for January 20th, 2005. Today we're telling the Bushies that are sitting ducks!

Thank you for being a member of the reality-based community and for supporting the progressive forces. HOPE IS ON THE WAY!


Anonymous said...

I stumbled into this site, but I'm glad I did. You are so right about turnout and stuff. I haven't seen anything like this before, at least here in New Mexico. My friend in Las Vegas also said the same thing. If all these people are so motivated it's probably good for Kerry.

I don't know if Kerry will get so many electoral votes, but 270 is enough for me! I know it would be sweet to win see the reverse of 4 years ago (Kerry wins presidency but loses popular vote), just to stick it to the Republicans. Ha! On the other hand, they are going to bitch and moan for the next 4 years, and I don't want that.

Jerry H.

Anonymous said...

We met at the Shaker Square Kerry headquarters where we had a talk the other day. I agree with your assessment. I worked for Republican candidates in the past, but now I'm campaigning for Kerry.

I know pollsters who work for the Bush camp and they're saying Ohio is do-or-die for Bush. There are NO plausible scenaria for a Bush win without Ohio. That's why their campaign scheduled Bush to come to Ohio very early on Tuesday morning. It is extremely rare for a siting president to campaign on election day! But, this is what you do if you're the prez and pull under 50% in polls.

Further, I think Winsconsin and Florida will go for Kerry. Your estimate of 311 electoral votes is a very likely outcome.

Hope you maintain the site after Kerry wins, although I don't consider myself a liberal, we surely need voices like yours to stir the waters.

Kenny D.
Scottsdale, AZ

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah baby, can't wait to start duck hunting!

Anonymous said...

i'm a hunter too, cause I like nature. i lover shrubs, like bush too...but not laura's bush! so, i'm voting for the dude from boston