Nov 30, 2004

Another Important Lesson In "Compassionate Conservatism": Let Them Suffer And Die In Pain!

They don't like what you do; you do what they like.
Why should the federal administration and the Supreme Court allow Angel McClary Raich (click on the link to read her story) to use medicinal marijuana when such an act is in clear violation of conservative values? Just Say No To Drugs. Under any circumstances. Even if this is the only medical way to alleviate suffering, and, in the case of Angel, to make her life a bit more bearable.

The good thing is that she resides in California which allows the medicinal use of marijuana. The bad news is that she lives in the United States under conservative government that believes its moral authority supersedes pain and suffering. Besides, what kind of message are they sending if they allow ..marijuana to be used? My god, such a moral decrepitude! Not here in this (dis)United States of America! No, those "drug addicts" should suffer. Angel's inoperable cancer and a dozen other diseases mustn't get in their way of a sound moral policy.

The sky is the limit for "compassionate conservatism". Besides, who needs science--a faulty and imprecise tool? Science doesn't have all the answers, look, there are gaps in the theory of evolution. They can fill in the gaps, or, better yet, offer another "theory", that of creationism. Yeap, they want to promote Dabya's kinda intelligence in our schools! They've got all the answers by divine right. Stem-cell research, you ask? We don't need that!

Never mind that we live past 30 and in better health because of science! By they way, Canada de-criminalized the use of marijuana, like many European countries have done already. Are they going to hell? All I know is that many more Americans will be going to Canada, more often! Like I said earlier, Bush won the Armageddon election--prepare to be stoned (however you take this)!


Anonymous said...

That's cruel, pure and simple. I don't understand why do they care more about their ill-conceived idea that NO DRUGS WHATSOEVER, than about human suffering. I was in Nam, and morphine was used for pain... it wasn't good, but if half of your body was blown off, you needed something fast and effective.

Joe Doe

Anonymous said...

Big Brother wants us to do what he likes. Oh, migod, they're smoking marijuana!!! What a crime!!!!!

Puleeze, this is the least offensive action an individual can take. Drugs are bad, but marijuana isn't much worse than smoking cigarettes! The people who get "stoned" become mellow and chill out. Unlike the f****g drunks who cause huge problems and harm society!

I think the conservatives have a very screwed-up idea of public morals. But, it's all an image thing. Cover your eyes, close your mind, deal with smoke mirrors not reality. This is a case where reality hurts, and hurts a lot.
These people, including those on the Supreme Court, have the best and FREE medical care in the world. They have many more options unlike Angel and others who need to use marijuana for medical reasons.

I don't understand how can any decent human being can tell someone else who's suffering not to do whatever possible to reduce their pain and improve their ability to move on with life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's SHAMEFUL that we, 21st century Americans, are debating whether to allow private citizens to use any means necessary to aleviate pain and suffering.

Where are the righteous brothers and sisters, the churches, the moralists when they see their neighbor suffering like Jesus Christ, and suffering because of no fault of their own??!!!!


Jasmine, Aspen, CO

Anonymous said...

How un-compassionate it is for some to have all the means but deny some means to others...

Isn't true that all those in power who are trying to prevent people from using something inexpensive to deal with their own private pains are themselves able to get the best medical treatments. Not to mention that arch-conservatives like Rush Limbaugh who can get all sorts of drugs by..prescription!!!!!

Where are they now? Has anyone of those fat cats been punished??!!!! I dare guess, NO!


Anonymous said...

Did I miss the moral lesson about compassionate conservativism where the rich can get adicted to all sorts of drugs (poor souls, they've got so much adversity in their lives...) but the poor are to be condemned into eternal suffering because they must not be the "chosen ones"?... otherwise, true to Kalvinist view, the "select ones" are prosperous by divine right and it shows! Aha, If God didn't want to....

That fat bigot Libaooooouugh who was/is? adicted to pain medications didn't offer a word of sympathy to those two women whose case was just presented to the Supremes!

Humbug, the Grinch and the imps rule Bizaro world.

Welcome to America. Now, strip, for our security forces will conduct a cavity looked suspicious when you failed to pay tribute to the Great Leader...He feels hurt, because he loves you! Now, bend over....