Nov 10, 2004

Clinton For Chairman Of The Democratic Party

I know many of you are promoting Howard Dean for the next leader of the Democratic Party, and I agree he'd be a good choice, but let's think about this for a moment. Howard can be more useful to us, the progressives, if he stays un-attached, and un-hindered by the obligations and the delicate balances the party chairman has to play with.

However, the Big Bubba, is the best choice. He loves politics, he has a high profile, he can raise tons of money, he can organize the party--yes, I know, it's like herding cats in the Democratic party--and he knows how to speak plainly to those who found Kerry too snub, too intellectual, and too confusing. Oh, and Bill knows how to win elections.

As for Howard, I propose that he keeps working with his progressive organization, Democracy For America , (this is a good thing that you may want to be involved with) and, why not, run for Senator. Gosh, we do need more US Senators like him.

What you ask, how about Hillary 2008?....


Anonymous said...

I'm not clear what the chairman does, except raise money. Under our system any candidate can run on his own terms. Besides, I don't think many Americans care or even know who the party chairman is.... unless, it's Bill Clinton!

I agree that Howard should run for the Senate in 2 years when Jefford's term expires. I love Howard because he was the only one to be bold. Unfortunately, America is too conservative to elect someone like Dean.... Themes like universal healthcare is not as important as "god, guns, and gays" for most Americans... what a pitty!

Carla, NH

Anonymous said...

Forget it... you can fight in the 21st century with politicians and the insiders of the 80s and 90s....

Of course, it's much easier to examine something that's already happened (the defeat of 2004), but it was the same people who ran Clinton's campaigns that couldn't help Kerry this time.

In national politics the Dems are smoked! Like you said earlier... "Prepared to be stoned now" did mean "stoned" as in hallucinating?