Nov 23, 2004

The Tyranny of the Majority: Republicans in the Congress

George Orwell's "1984" Revisited in 2004
A new poll came out today showing that Americans chose Bush over Kerry because they found him "more likeable", although they remain ambivalent about Bush's agenda and his performance thus far! I thought that we were voting on the issues and the better manager to get us out of this mess! Ah, well, I guess it's politics of the lowest common denominator.

I expect a revival of Newspeak under the one-party government we're establishing here. The House Republicans, especially House Speaker Dennis Hastert and his Republican Whip, Tom Delay, under the newly acquired "mandate rules" are expected to rule with an iron f(r)ist. This fist doesn't feel too painful you say? Well, not if you're numb enough already. Just follow the movements of the snake charmers and you'll be all right. Trust them... Relax, relax! They've done it before, trust them. Now, close your eyes, this won't hurt!

Bills are decided in advance before put to a floor vote in our U.S. Congress. The committees meet in secrecy, no debate is allowed and the bills come out so quickly that "our" elected officials don't even know what's in the bill they're voting for. Those bills that manage to get bi-partisan support, like the one about the voting machine's paper trail, and the overhauling of our national intelligence agencies, never see the light of day as they are not allowed to come to a vote!

It was about values, they said. I agree, it was about values as in m-o-n-e-y! Accenture, the technology company that received $10 billion in contracts from Homeland Security, is a proud member of the ultra-patriotic community which asks you and me for sacrifices in the name of our national interest. Its lobbyists, who wear the American flag on their lapels, spent $2 billion, for ..lobbying. Meanwhile, the company has a P.O. Box and a fax machine in ..Bermuda where its "headquarters" sans personnel is located! Cool!
The House Appropriation Committee voted 35-17 (in a bi-partisan attempt to close some of the corporate loopholes like this) to strip Accenture of the $10 billion contract, but, oh-my-g-o-d what happened?.. The wise gatekeepers (DeLayed corruption charges) never allowed our Congressmen to vote on the bill! Heil to the chiefs! Com'on now, salute; extend your hand straight out!

The millions of people who voted for Mr. Bush have to accept responsibility for re-electing him and for all the goodies that we'll receive under his reign . He had a 4-year record and a message of what he wanted to do in the next 4 years; he got re-elected, unfortunately. So, those who "broke it", now own it! Deal with it! Don't blame me; I voted for Kerry.


Anonymous said...

Most people vote based on an emotional reaction, not realizing that their choice has grave consequences, domestically and internationally.

But, like you said on your masthead, democracy is as good as its citizens.

Hopefully, we can learn from our mistakes, unlike that stubborn man in the White House who is not interested in anything else other than his pre-conceived notions.

Andrew S, Long Island, NY

PS> Orwell should be a must-read in our schools

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising to me that the Republicans are doing this. If you're convinced that your moral imperatives are so right, then you "know" your actions serve the greater good. Side-stepping a few rules here and there it's no big deal....

Democracy....phew, it's OK, but even Lincoln suspended many freedoms in order to save the nation. Republicans feel that liberals and godless hedonists have had their turn, and it's now time to get the country onto the Right track!

Besides, Americans voted for one-party government, and they have been giving more and more power to the Republicans. God bless them, and God bless the land of the brie and the home of the crave!

Josh, Hobo(Ken), NJ