Nov 15, 2004

The Future Begins Today

Get active, for your sake, and for the sake of the next generations!
photo by GP

The period of mourning may not be over for the progressives, but it's time we face reality and move on. There is plenty of time to analyze the results and the causes that led to the win of the "evil forces". Yet, there is no time to waste. Not only we have the obligation to stay true to our beliefs but we have to establish a long-term strategy. We can become the dominate force in the Democratic Party and not allow it to "move to the center", but rather move the "center" closer to us!

We have to start controlling the language of the debate, and re-define the terms liberal and conservative. It may take longer than we'd like, but changing the minds & hearts of Americans requires effort and time. It's an investment for the public good.
We can become the "fundamental Americans" by reinforcing the role of the political progressives, especially at the local/state level.

There are efforts that started before this election and there are progressive groups that will continue their activism for the years to come. Get involved. If you have such an organization, please email me and I'll post it here. I listed Howard Dean's organization which has local presence and it's expanding. Here's another starting point in New York , to get you going.

In New York, finally, we see some positive change at the state level. The monolithic, "strong leadership" (read: authoritarian) politics are being successfully transformed by progressive politicians like Eric Snhneiderman [NYS Senator], despite the punitive resistance of both the Republican and Democratic parties in Albany. We must recruit progressive candidates like Eric, thus shifting the balance of power and the debate. It's not easy, but it's not as hard as you think. Entrenched power survives on the apathy of the people.

We are in a cultural divide, but we can't give in to the politics of regression and to a vision of the past. The blue states can indeed become a safe heaven for openness, a tolerant society, where fundamental rights to privacy, education & healthcare are promoted. The change can begin in our backyard and spread to all America. As liberals who uphold the value of caring about our "neighbor" will share our successes with the rest of the world. Our cosmopolitan attitude, our liberal ways, and our support of the scientific method have already produced envied results. History is on our side!

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Anonymous said...

All politics is local someone has said. The question is how come that people can vote Democratic at the local level and vote for Bush on the national level??!!