Nov 20, 2004

Harry Reid To Succeed Daschle

Harry Reid of Nevada * is going to be the new Dem chief in the Senate after the defeat of Tom Daschle who narrowly lost his re-election in the red state of South Dakota. He, along with the other 43 Dems in the US Senate, will try to withstand the ultra-conservative tide to be unleashed by Bush in the next 4 years.

Reid, described as a populist liberal, stands at odds with most people in his party by opposing the woman's right to reproductive choice.
NARAL gave him a 29% rating in 2003. He also in favor of a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning. Ok, so he's not the big liberal we'd like to see. The ACLU gave him only a 40% rating in 2002. I just hope that the Demos don't try to become more conservative. Instead, they should move the center back where it was, to the!

For more detailed information on Harry Reid's Senate record, You be the judge. Reid has voted right (read: correctly) on a host of other issues. Check it out.

Now, both sides in the Senate are talking reconciliation and willing to work for "the common good"! Really? Apart from a sound-bite, what does this mean? I ask, what common ground can you have with someone who wants to limit your civil rights? Just give him some of your rights?
How about that bigot who just got elected to the US Senate from Oklahoma--who wants the death penalty for all doctors performing abortions for any reason at any stage of pregnacy?!!!! Should we compromise and kill only those doctors operating after the first trimester? You be the judge.

Of course, life and politics is about compromise, but not a compromise on fundamental human rights. Remind me, who said, "extremism in the defense of freedom is no vice"?...

* A very interesting article on Why Bush Scored in Nevada, by Sasha Abramsky, is published in The Nation. Read it on line, but this is a great weekly magazine to subscribe.


Anonymous said...

Chris Dodd of Connecticut didn't want to run as chief Dem in the Senate, that's why Reid got it. I don't know if it went by seniority or because the party wants to paint a more conservative picture....

I agree with you that America is much more conservative than we like or hoped...(I'm not talking about what WE would like to see happening here), even in comparison to other advanced countries in western Europe, and, do not forget, our neighbor to the north!

I have a question: What is Kerry's role now? I'd imagine he's the most prominent Democrat in Congress, is he not?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Reid has voted with the Dems most of the times, and he's no conservative. He's a Mormom, and so he opposes abortion, but I'd take him over Frist and the other fascist Republicans in Congress!

Do you know what a "moderate Republican" is?
A small minority in the GOP! (and an endangered species too)..

Larry, Denver, CO